About the project

Palmetto Railways is planning for the development of an industrial rail line to serve the Camp Hall Commerce Park in Berkeley County, South Carolina. The new rail line will connect Camp Hall Commerce Park to existing railroad right-of-way, near the Santee Cooper Cross Generating Station in Berkeley County. Palmetto Railways will construct, own and operate the rail line, which is expected to open the door to greater economic development efforts to support the State of South Carolina.

The project is needed to provide rail access for the development of future industries at the Camp Hall Commerce Park. The project will also support future economic development opportunities for the region and state and will provide alternate means of freight transportation for tenants of Camp Hall Commerce Park. Rail growth is needed to support the state’s infrastructure needs and will provide Camp Hall Commerce Park with access to a statewide rail network. Larger rail networks provide for truck-to-rail conversions, resulting in decreases in highway congestion.

Palmetto Railways has identified a preferred alignment for the Camp Hall Rail project and will go through an application process with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the Surface Transportation Board (STB). USACE and STB will oversee the environmental review process to permit the route for construction while also ensuring that a wide range of stakeholders are involved in the process.